Targeted Email Marketing Services!

Use Targeted Email Marketing To Get New Customers And Make Sales!

Are you a business owner? Do you sell a product or service in the US? What if I told you I could email 10,000, or 5 million people in the USA! In my years of being a Freelancer, Web design and developer, and Marketer, I’ve collected a huge email list.

So I got to thinking and researching to find out that some of the most successful and seasoned marketers say that the value is in the email list. I started to think about a way that I could help people save money and businesses reach and gain new customers!targeted Email Marketing

That’s when I had the idea for Perfected Media’s newest service, Coupon Email Marketing! Now you can send a 5% off coupon email ad to a selected number of people in the USA, that are waiting for a once a month coupon email to try out and experience new businesses or products!

Now are you ready for the good part, lol! There is data backing up the fact that this works! This will generate new sales, and give you a chance at getting new repeat loyal customers! Have you heard of an online business called MailChimp? They are a reputable email marketing service that also has expanded their services to help you create your email list.

According to MailChimp data, the avg open rate across all industries is at 21.8% and the click-through rate (CTR) is at 2.78%! Don’t sound like a very good number yet does it? Let’s look at an example with the math.

Let’s say you sign up for 10,000 coupon emails for a service you provide that cost $25, the coupon email uses a 5% off incentive to increase the conversion rate. With these numbers as an example, let’s find out what the expected ROI (return on Investment) would be.

how to make money online info graph center concept

10,000 with a 2.78%(ctr) = 278 people expected to convert. 278 x $25 = $6,950 – the 5% discount ($347.50) leaving a net profit of $6,602.50!

Not too bad of a number now is it, lol. The value doesn’t stop there either, there’s a good chance if the new customer or client that your Targeted Email Marketing email has brought you to be impressed, or satisfied with your service, or products, they’ll probably turn into repeat buyers!

So How Does Targeted Email Marketing Work?

You sign up here at Perfected Media, and one of our expert advertising specialists will contact you for the email ad creation and discuss the rest of the process to you at that time because of the various products, and services each ad may be different.

Once the Coupon Ad is ready and we have finished the processes of emailing the ads out, you sit back and take the discount codes while making sales and turning new customers into repeat customers. Don’t wait to sign up for this service, We are only going to do 1 Coupon Ad a Month so that we don’t spam our valuable email list.

You can choose to send a Coupon Email Ad to 10,000 / 50,000 / 100,000 / 500,000 / or 1 million People in the USA waiting for a discount coupon ad from your business or for your product!

2 thoughts on “Targeted Email Marketing Services!

  1. Hi Nekko.
    Really loved this! What a great idea. It sounds like a wonderful return on investment. The power of numbers is really amazing. You are absolutely right, when you think of the 2.78% click through rate that doesn’t sound very good. But when you put it next to the number 10,000 which then equals 278 buyers all of a sudden things get a lot more interesting.
    If someone wants to start on the smaller side do you recommend the 10,000 package? It would seem to be the best when trying something for the first time so you can adjust it for other marketing campaigns.
    Thanks for the information!
    Mat A.

    1. Thank You for your time and support! Absolutely, I’m so glad you see the opportunity, and the data to back it up. To answer your question yes i would start out with the 10,000 email package, I;m also getting ready to offer smaller packages for people who may want to just use it to build their email list of their own so I’m thinking maybe 1000 and 5000 email options, what do you think? 

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