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Website Design & Development

Don't Have A Website Yet? Your Missing Out On Your World Wide Storefront! On-Site Payment Options Available, Drop Shipping Site Setup, and More. People Are Searching For Services, Products, Solutions, Skills, And More Everyday. More Than Likely Your Business Is Missing Out On People Directly Searching An Looking For What Your Business Sells!

Local SEO For Local Business Google My Business Listing.

Local Brick An Mortar Businesses, Need Thier Google Business Listing Optimized For Local Searches And For Google Maps. Customers Searching For Your Business Services Or Products Will Be Finding You First!

Profit Creator, Value Ladder, & Sales Funnel Construction & Optimization

Many Businesses Overlook Opportunities That Could Be Bringing Profits. Diversifying Your Income Streams Are Key To The Changing World. Many Businesses Are Simply Not Examining Their Sales Funnels To Making Sure That It's Bringing in Customers At The Bottom An Guiding Them Through An Ideal Funnel.

Social Media Growth & Branding

There Is No Sure Fire Way To Go "Viral" But There Are Strategic Strategies That Will Steadily Grow Followers, Monthly Viewers, And Engagement! This Will Help With Brand Awareness, While Also Building A Ideal Target Audience!

Choose the perfect plan

The Plans Below Are The Ones Most Requested, If One Of The Plans Below Doesn’t Fit Your Needs, Just Give Me A Call Or Send Me Message And I’ll Work With You To Create The Perfect Plan For Your Businesses Needs.  

Starter Plan


  • 1 Domain & Hosting
  • WordPress Setup
  • SSl Certificate (https)
  • 1 Year Support
  • SiteProtect Security
  • Monthly SEO Audits
  • Daily To Do's & Training
Payment Plans

Business Plan



Limited Time Price!

  • 10 Domains
  • Domain Email Accounts
  • Accelerated Hosting
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Video Meetings w/ Nekko
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1 Logo Design
  • Full SEO For Upto 8 Pages/Month
  • Website Branded Social Media Pages
  • Nekko's 6 Month Consulting Program
Payment Plans

The ROI Investment Plan


  • 15 Domains
  • Extreme Site Speed Hosting
  • Unlimited Users
  • Live Lifetime Support
  • Weekly Video Meetings
  • 20 Full SEO Pages / Month
  • 3 Logo Designs
  • Website Branded Social Media Pages
  • Nekko's 6 Month Consulting Program
  • Business, Marketing, Social Plans & Strategies
  • Daily To Do Guide & Weekly Progress Meetings
  • Bi-Weekly Reports On Tracking An Site Data
  • Training On Social Growth & Automating Processes
Payment Plans

Frequently asked questions

Ok, So Many Local Businesses Under Estimate The Power Of Local SEO… What Is Local SEO? Local Seo Works By Targeting Keywords (Like Business Services/Products) & Locations.

I’ll Use PerfectedMedia As An Example:  Go To ->

Type In “Web Designer Towanda PA”

Where These Your Google Results?

Many Businesses Fail To Realize That Their “Google My Business” Listing Is One Of The Biggest Contributing Factors – If Not The Biggest Contributor For Google When Determining Local Search Results.

If You Own A Local Business, I Can Almost Guarantee That There Are People Searching For Your Business Services, Products, Skills, etc

I Get These Questions All The Time, And The Truthful Answer Is That Every Project & Business Is Different And There Is No Real Way Of Knowing What Kind Of Work Or How Much Work It Will Take To Out Perform Competitors, As Well As Various Other Elements.

For This Reason

I’ve Created 3 Different Service Plans,

The First Plan Is Geared More Towards People Who Are New To All This.  Someone Who Wants To Start Learning And Building A Online Business. This Plan Is Great For, Skeptical People Who Are Unsure And Don’t Want To Risk Too Much Before Seeing The Reward. People Wanting An Additional Income, People Who Want To Work From Home, Etc

The Second Plan Is For Businesses, Agencies, Or People Who Are Ready To Make A Commitment An Want To Have More Than Enough Resources, And Tools To Fast Track Their Business Launch And To Prepare For Scaling & Growth.

The Third Plan Is Mainly For Corporations, Big Agencies, Or People Who Have Already Found Success With Plan 1 or 2 an already knows how to Invest, Build, Automate, An Pull Long Term Passive income from this plan. 

Yes, Anyone Really Can Start A Online Business An Be Successful. What Can’t Be Done Is Building A Website Business Overnight And Expecting To Be Rich By The End Of The Week.

There Is A Science To Building An Online Business. You Start By Doing Research An Collecting Data That Will Help You Start To Form A Business Plan.

After The Research, Data Collecting, And Business Planning, You Will Have Collected A List Of Highly Searched  “Exact Keyword Phrases” With Low Competition.

For Example:

Just like in the first question, I was able to tell you that my business would be at the top of the google results that you were shown by searching for the keyword phrase “Web Designer Towanda Pa” 

Using Tools To See That The Keyword Phrase “Web Designer Towanda PA” Is Searched 350 times Per month, with almost no competition.

So By Doing Some Research, Data Collecting, and Planning, I don’t have to sell my service anymore. By putting myself at the top of Google, I allow people looking for my business to find me. It’s A Win-Win, I get a new client, and the client gets help with what they were searching for.

I Recommend Signing Up For This Free Online Business Building Platform that will teach you all about the concepts on starting, building, and growing a online business for beginners. 

Perfected Media Founded Nekko Strahin, Not The Other Way Around…

A while back I had gotten myself into a bad situation, and I was in between jobs, in debt, while also trying to help my girlfriend with bills and supporting the kids, it was getting bad. Anyway, I thought things would turn around when I got a new job in town at a local store. 

Fast forward 1 month on payday, I Open My 2-week check to find that my wages had been garnished… I cashed a $40 check that day, I literally couldn’t afford to continue to work. Don’t get me wrong, a debt is a debt but how much sense does it make to take so much money from someone they can’t afford to continue to work an therefore not able to continue to pay the debt?

I started researching, and looking around for ways to make some side-money, tried to find an online job that wasn’t a scam or load of crap. I was ready to give up when I saw a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Read My Full Review ->Wealthy Affiliate Review Or Get Started Free, No C.C Needed!

Wealthy Affiliate Changed My Life! It’s An All-in-one course to learn how to build a website, affiliate marketing, and blogging. There’s also a large community of people learning an helping each other 24/7.  If You’re completely new to websites, or business online, I Highly Recommend Taking A Look At Wealthy Affiliate!

8 Months After joining Wealthy Affiliate I Made My First $5,000! Since then I’ve worked with clients all over the world, including 15+ Established local businesses. 

Ah Yes, It’s only a matter of time before I hear this inedible question. How long does it take to start making money And How much money should you expect?

Once again I can’t give you a “set in stone” honest answer. Some clients have made sales, or money in some way within 3 months! There have also been 1 or 2 clients who didn’t make any money till around the 11 months/1-year mark. 

It simply comes down to learning And executing  consistently! 

 Starting a business by giving value and helpful info, to people that match your target audience will help you start building trust and helping the people who will eventually be your repeat customers. Then start building a business plan with your website being your foundation. After creating a strategy this far, you’ll next need to start developing multiple revenue streams that are related to your business. 

Because there are so many different businesses types, business models, and ways to build income streams, it’s hard to put an exact time frame on how fast the infrastructure of your business can be built and ready for income streams. 


If you have any questions, or want to customize your own service plan feel free to contact me

  • (570) 250-3430

Towanda PA.

7 Bridge St, Apt 1
Towanda PA, 18848


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