Pinterest Social Media Marketing| Why You Should Be Doing It!

Why Do Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing can do wonders for your business, website, affiliate program or anything that you want to send traffic to. Everyone is spending time on social media in one way or another. Pinterest social media marketing has been one of the highlights in the marketing world here recently. People are not only spending time on Pinterest but they are also turning to Pinterest to do product research, or to start looking around for a new product they want to buy.

social media marketing channelsYou can find some business ideas that I think would do great on Pinterest on my other post HERE. OK, so we’ve already established that you need to be on Pinterest, but I’d imagine that most of you already knew this. You were probably like me, knowing that you should be on it, but couldn’t really be bothered to divide your time over another social network (hello Google+), and kind of just hoped that you wouldn’t have to.


How does Pinterest Work?

From a marketing point of view, it can be hard to get your head around how pins are counted, and how it converts into traffic, so let me give you a little run down.

You post an image to a board, where other people can browse, see what they like, and either like it or pin it to their own board. This image links back to the web page that you pinned it from and most people will click through and read the post. If the image is an infographic, and all the information they need is on Pinterest, then they probably won’t bother so much. Hold a little something back (although Pinterest does make long images very narrow when you click on them).

Pin Like A BossSo Let’s say I pin something to my board, and it gets repined 10 times. That counts as 10 repins for my pin. If someone takes one of those repins and repins it again, that does not add towards my total number of repins, because it was pinned from another source.

The point is, just because you can’t see how many repins you’ve received, that doesn’t mean you’re not seeing big traffic. Use Google Analytics to have a better look.


Pinterest stats

Setting Up

This is pretty basic, so I’m going to speed through it, but it’s worth reading.

When it comes to choosing a name, I suggest something along the lines either the name of your website, or whatever other names you use in social media. I like to associate myself with my website, so I go for Perfected Media. Which is good, just don’t call yourself something that doesn’t have anything to do with your website or brand (such as Jorge Jones ).

Looking for a bio? You should already have a pretty solid one with your Facebook/Twitter so use that. If you don’t, then just make sure that you use your keywords so that they come up in searches.

Connect your Facebook and Twitter too, that will help you to see some more traffic.

When it comes to your profile image, use a photo of yourself, not your website logo. It allows people to feel that they’re connecting with a person, rather than a brand. It’s my experience that I find better interactivity this way.

Pinterest Strategy

Your Boards

Start off with one main board that is relevant to the what your business/website is all about, this one is going to be followed more than your others. This is where you’re going to pin your very best content, with diverse sources, not just yourself. Stay within your niche, and keep the titles short. They can all be searched for. To start with, I would suggest building perhaps 4-5 boards to begin with before we look at more advanced techniques in the next steps.

The Group Board

This is my first little trick for you to start seeing more followers and traffic. On Pinterest, you can allow multiple people to pin to a board at once, so why not allow your fans to pin with you?

Create a board, invite all of your fans and followers to come and pin with you. You have to follow them to add them to the board, but that’s fine, and you’ll undoubtedly get a follow in return. Then you have a board that gets lots of followers, and all the pinning is done for you. You can occasionally take links and pin them to your other boards, and promote your own stuff there too.

It’s easy to do, a great way to find followers, and in my experience, the great content that gets pinned on their sees a lot of repins too. Check mine out.

How to Pin Effectively

As I’m sure you’ve worked out by now, Pinterest is very image heavy. You may think that you don’t really work with images, so it’s not relevant to you, but it is. Even if it’s just an image of some fancy text, including your post title, that’s enough to get pinning.


Rules To Follow

OK, time to bare with me as we have a look at the house rules of Pinterest, or rather, the etiquette.

This is hugely important because you don’t want to scare off potential followers.

You don’t want to stand out as a bad pinner, and it’s really not hard to use Pinterest effectively, so adhere to the following rules.

  1. Don’t solely pin yourself. Ease off the constant self-promotion (spam?), and try to pin 50/50 on your mainboard, of your content, and someone else’s. Your followers will appreciate this, and you’ll actually see more of them.
  2. Credit your sources. These means don’t take a nice looking infographic, host it on your website, link back to the source (on your web page), but pin your web page. This isn’t playing fair, and people actually want to see the source.
  3. Pin to the correct board. Don’t go posting graphic design on a photography board. Similar? Yes. Right place for the pin? No.
  4. Write a description. Sometimes the image doesn’t tell us much, and a few words will help people to click on those links!
  5. Don’t go too mad with the pinning all at once. If you’re brand new, then this is fine, but you don’t want to spam followers. I pin 1-5 times a day at the moment.
  6. When you see something you like, like it.


go up and never stop


Be Persistent with the creating of boards and posting pins and make sure to create your pins with an intent on getting an action from your viewers. You need to make a blog post for your website if you plan on driving traffic there. Make sure to start with you follow/unfollow campaign and then get in group boards as soon as you have 100-500 followers! Once you’ve made that happen you will start to see traffic, and I bet even some sales!

4 thoughts on “Pinterest Social Media Marketing| Why You Should Be Doing It!

  1. Many people don’t credit their sources however I think it is quite necessary since people trust more when it has a source. I also experienced that I get more shares when it has a source. However what should be the ideal length of a description? Are 3 words enough? Or should it be more?

    1. Great question Furkan, I agree that including your sources is a great idea, But I would suggest writing a post with a video (chance to leverage your youtube channel) and/or images (your pins) making them all as relevant as possible and with intent. include your source in your post so that your driving traffic to it and having chances to gain shares of the post as well. 

      When it comes to the length of pin descriptions I recommend testing different lenghts. I also think it depends on how self-explanitory the pin image is and weather or not your already going to be linking to the source (maybe an affiliate link, and the source is on the affilates blog for ex.) also play around with using hashtags(#), including your url in the description as well sometimes. There is many variables that you can play around with and look at the data in the Analytics to see what is working best for you, you’re industry, or you’re board types. 

      Hope this helps and feel free to ask any other questions you may have and I’ll share my knowledge and opinions of what I think might help you out!

  2. Hi Nekko,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to write a great post about how to use Pinterest and some things I should be doing.
    It’s good to find a good article that will help me to work better when I share my website content on this Social Media.
    How many times should I Pin everyday?
    How can I find the best group boards to follow?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Thank you for your comments and questions Alejandra. You should at least post once a day, but ideally you want to post 5-10 times daily and even share 1-2 others pins. The best group boards are any that have a good number of followers pinning to it and is in your niche or closely relevant. 

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