How To Start Your Own Facebook Marketplace SideHustle!

About a week ago, I was in a really tough spot with the holidays and traveling to see my family. I needed to start figuring out a way to make some extra money and I needed to do it as fast as I could. Up the road from where I live there is a furniture store that leaves pieces of furniture out for free if they get a return that’s damaged or if it was damaged in transport. I somehow was lucky enough to spot a leather reclining chair being sat out for give away and I jumped on it immediately!

Leather Chair Sold On Fb Marketplace.
One Of 2 Chairs I Sold On The Facebook Marketplace

Now I have something to make money with, what’s the fastest, cheapest way to turn this free chair into pure profit? I thought about using eBay, and Apps Like Letgo, But I Knew I didn’t have the money to ship a chair for E-bay an figured local selling apps like letgo, wouldn’t be quick enough, so my next thought was to try putting it on Facebook!

After Posting Both Chairs On The Facebook Marketplace, It took maybe a week and I had at least 8-10 people contact me about the Recliners between Dec 20- Dec 28th. By Dec 30, 2018, I had both chairs sold. Both were FREE and I Made a total of $175 off of 2 chairs!

You Can Find Free Things All Over The Internet And Then Turn Around An Sell For Pure Profit. Check Your Local Marketplace On Facebook, Check CraigsList In Your Local Area, Check The Give-Away Sections Of Your Local Paper There are Tons Of Ways To Find Things To Sell!

Once You’ve Found Something Free To Start With You Can Check Thrifts Stores, Big Box Stores When They Have Sales, Or Things On Clearance, Then Check Ebay, Amazon, And Facebook To Look See What Kind Of Prices The Same Item Or Similar Items Are Selling For!

If You Want To Make Sure Your Side-Hustle Business Continues To Make Money, Then You’re Going To Want To Keep Investing At Least 50% Of Your Profits Back Into Products, and Items To Sell Again.

Sueded Chair Sold On Facebook Marketplace
Sueded Chair Sold On Facebook Marketplace

If You Don’t Really Need To Use The Money That You Make Right Away, I Would Recommend Putting 80-100% Of Your Profits Back Into More Products / Items To Sell.

Remember When You’re Looking For Products / Items To Sell, It’s a Good Idea To Check Amazon, eBay And Other Places You May Use To Sell The Products. By Doing This You Can See The Difference Between What It’s Selling For Online and What You’re Buying It For. That Way You Can Figure Out A Ballpark Area Of How Much Profit You Should Be Able To Make.

If You’ve Ever Even Made A Few Sales Here And There On The Facebook Marketplace, Then It’s Just A Matter Of Re-Investing From What Your Selling Into More Product, Especially If You’ve Found A Hot Item! Other Than That You Might From Time To Time Do A Little Bit Promoting.

There Are Lots Of People Turning This Into A Full-TIme Income By Automating Steps In This Process, An Making Smart Decisions When It Comes To Choosing Products, Marketing, Reinvesting, And Eventually Outsourcing Or Hiring Help When The Time Comes.

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If You Interested In Starting Your Own Facebook Marketplace Side-Hustle And Want Or Need Help, Feel Free To Contact Me Or Leave A Comment An I’ll Get Back To You In Normally One Business Day.

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