How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

So You Want To Learn How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

Affiliate Marketing Can Be Overwhelming For Beginners When First Starting out And Many Don’t Know Where To Really begin. In This Post, I’m Going To Cover Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Revenues!

So What Is Affiliate Marketing Exactly? Affiliate Marketing Is When You Sign Up To  Be An Affiliate For A Business Like Amazon Or Walmart, They Give You Traceable Links To Share With Anyone, Anywhere And If The Purchase The Product Or Service Using Your Link, You’ll Be Paid A Commission Of The Sale.

3 Steps To Making money With Affiliate Marketing

So For Example, Let’s Say I Really Like A Drone I Buy From Amazon. I Sign Up To Be An Amazon Affiliate and They Give Me A Link Like ( link id). Then I Share That Link In A Post On My Site, Or On My Facebook Page, If Anyone Clicks And Make A Purchase I’ll Get Paid A Commission.

So The Ideal Strategy To Have Success With Affiliate Marketing Is Being Able To Choose A Product Or Service To Promote And Being Able To Know Who Wants, Needs, Or Has Been Searching For That Product Or Service. Sometimes It’s A Good Idea To Find A Problem That You Have Or Can Relate To, And Then Sign Up To Be An Affiliate Of The Product Or Service That Solved Your Problem

Earn money by being a affiliate of anything

How Are You Going To Sell, To Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

Now That You Have A Decent Idea Of What Exactly Signing Up For Affiliate Marketing Means, Your Probably Thinking There’s No Way You Could Possibly Sell Your Product Or Service Enough To Make Good Money. Before You Give Up Hope, What If I Told You There Are Ways To See What People Are Searching Google For?

Keyword Research For Affiliate Marketing

Yes, I Mean That There Is A Way to See That The Exact Phrase “drones with cameras for beginners” is Searched In Google 1,300 On Average Per Month.

Now You Don’t Have To Think About How To Sell, But Instead, You Need To Figure Out How To Help The People Already Interested And Searching For The Product Or Service. This Process Of Reverse Engineering What People Are Already Interested In And Searching For Is Called Keyword Research. Doing Keyword Research Allows You To Strategically Target High Volume Keywords With Low Competition, To Capture Traffic Searching That Keyword Phrase.

Planning For Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Once You’ve Found A Great Keyword Phrase Relevant To You Affiliate Product Or Service, Then You Just Need To Make Amazing Content That Is 2 things!

  1. Highly Relevant
  2. Gives Value While Having Intent.

What Is Niche Affiliate Marketing?

The Next Affiliate Marketing Tip, I’d Give You Is To Choose A Niche. An Example Of A Niche Is Not Just Choosing Drones, But Drones With Cameras For Under $250. By Doing This You Turn Down The Competition And It’s More Targeted, Meaning Someone Who Searches The Longer More Detailed Phrase Is More Likely Farther Along In The Buyer Cycle.

Do You Need A Website?

A Website Allows You To Scale Affiliate Marketing Into A Business You Can Scale Into A Passive Income, And Becomes Your Foundation Online. Having A Website Also Gives You Some Advantages When It Comes To Keywords Because Your Website Gets Ranked In Google And Triggered When Someone Searches For Related Keywords.

Long Tail Keyword graph

Having A Website Also Means You Can Get Data Showing You How And Where Your Visitors Are Coming From, What Pages Are Getting Visitors To Click And Buy, And Much Much More Data That Pretty Much Shows You, What’s Working, What Needs To be Tweaked, And What is Just Plain Out Failing. Having A Website Has Many Other Benefits For An Affiliate Marketer But This Post Is To Help You Get Started So Lets Move On.

Moving On I’m Going To Go Through This As If You Did Decide On Getting A Website. If You Didn’t You Can Skip Down To Where I Start Talking About Social Media And Affiliate Marketing.

Website Basics

When Deciding On A Website, There Are Some Basics You Want To Stick To for Choosing Your Domain Name, This Will Help When Ranking In Google Come In Later On. You Want To Try To Choose A Domain Name With Your Main Topic, Or Keyword In It. You’ll Also Want To Keep It Short As Possible And Get Domain If Possible. The Siterubix Box Below Will Allow You To Check And See If Your Free Website Domain Is Available.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies You’ll Need As A Beginner.

OK, You Have Your Affiliate Program, Done Your Market & Industry Research, And Have Gotten A Website To Start Building You Foundation. Now Your Next Steps Are Basically Building Strategies That Get You Making Money. The Strategies You’ll Need To Get Started In The Beginning are Listed Below.

  1. A Content Plan
  2. Social Presence & Growth Strategy
  3. Marketing And Sales Funnels

Content Planning For Affiliate Marketing.

Content Planning Can Be Pretty Easy Depending On What Approach You Take On It. The Way I Make My Content Plan Is By Choosing 12 Main Topics Or Subjects That I Can Then Break Into 4 More Sub Topics Or Subjects. By Just Doing This, You Have One Main Topic / Subject Per Month To Create Content Around Using Your 4 Sub Topics Each Week. So If My Monthly Topic Is Social Media Marketing, Then My Sub Topics Might Be Facebook Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, YouTube Marketing, And Twitter Marketing. Now You Have A Head Start On your Content For A Whole Year.

How To Use Social Media With Affiliate Marketing.

Building A Social Presence And Growing Your Target Audience Can Be Just As Easy As Planning Content If You Have A Strategy. The Way I Build My Social Media Is By Posting Content Regularly, That Provides Value And Is Easily Shareable. While Staying Consistent On Adding Content, You Also Need To Be Searching For People That You Could Provide Value To With Your Products Or Services. For Example, If Your Affiliate Product Was “A Course On How To Make Money With A Website” Then You Might Want To Be Adding Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, etc.

9 Ways To Sell A Product, To Make $1,000,000.

Marketing And Sales Funnels For Affiliate Marketers.

Marketing And Sales Funnels Are A Very Important Part Of The Process As well. Being Able To Build Funnels That Execute A Goal Allow You To Be Able To Collect Data And Perfect Your Funnel. Say That Your A Chiropractor For Example, You Run Facebook Ads For A Discounted Back Adjustment. The Sales Funnel Might Go Something Like This.

Bob Sees Ad, Bob Clicks Ad and Is Taken To A Page That Gives A Discount Code And Has A Button To Call An Schedule The Discounted Back Adjustment.

That Would Work And Would Probably Generate Some Business, But Compared To A Sales Funnel Like This…

Bob Sees Ad For FREE Massage, Clicks Ad Signs Up For Free Massage, When Bob Gets His Free Massage The Chiropractor Could Then Feel For Adjustments Needed And and Then Get Him To Sign Up For A Adjustment (At Full Price) Then When Bob Gets His Adjustment, He Gets Up sold To A Wellness Program Were He Signs Up To Come In Every 2-3 Months For Massages, Adjustments, And He’ll Stay Feeling In Great Shape. The Second Sales Funnel Not Only Leads With Value In The Marketing Phase But Also Ends Up Getting More From Each Customer Gained From Marketing Expenses and Even Enters The Customer Into A Recurring Program. That Builds The Lifetime Value Of Each Customer.

Affiliate Marketing buyer cycles

Now You Can Start Creating Content Around Your Products Or Services That Your Promoting As An Affiliate, Your Going To Need Tons Of Content! Think About What Your Research Showed You. What Problems Does Your Product Solve, What Are People Typing Into Google To Find The Product Or Service Your Promoting? If Your Content With Your Affiliate Links Come Up First On Google Your Going To Get Clicks Just Playing A Pure Numbers Game. So What Does It Take To Get Your Content To Show Up First On Google? Search Engine Optimization Or SEO.

What SEO Means For Affiliate Marketers.

Search Engine Optimization Or SEO, Helps Google Understand What Your Pages And Your Overall Website Is About, So It Knows Who Needs To See It. Optimizing Seo Is A Post All To ItSelf, But It’s Basically Making Sure Your Pages Are Optimized For Their Targeted Keyword Phrase, And Making Sure Your Page Speed Is Under 2 Sec Load Time. Some Other Elements That Effect Your SEO Are Backlinks, Internal Linking, Meta Data, Optimized Images and Alt tags, Social Media Presence, And A Few Other Things. You Can Learn More About SEO Here.


After You Have Dabbled Increasing Your SEO, It Might Be Time To Give Social Media Ads A Go. Social Media Marketing Is A Science Between The Creative, The Data On Results, And Making Changes To Get Your Numbers Showing Profits. To Do This You Need To Create A Ad With An Intent That Leads To You Making A Commission In order To Be Successful In Bring Back Profits From Your Marketing Expenses.

Time To Get Serious About Affiliate Marketing!

Now IThat You Have A Pretty Good Idea Of What You’re Getting Into If You decide You Want To Start Affiliate Marketing And Are A Complete Beginner. Affiliate Marketing Has Changed Peoples Lives! There Are Very Real People Making 4-5-6 Figures From Home Just Doing Affiliate Marketing. The Most Important Things To Reaching Success With Affiliate Marketing Is Educating Your Self, Taking Action On The Training, And Patience. You May Think It’s A Joke But Think About It, 1% Of The US Makes 6 Figures A Year! You Want To Join That 1% It Takes Work And Time!

Wealthy Affiliate Beginners

The All-In-One Platform For Affiliate Marketing Success!

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