Get Paid To Answer Questions.

Is Quora a New Source to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Make Money By Answering Questions On Quora!

Quora is the world’s most famous questions and answer platform, it gets around 190 million unique visitors each month. 

It’s so popular nowadays that if anyone wants to ask a question or find an answer to any problem, Quora is the first website where they visit.

Quora is a great place to connect with like-minded people, find some really cool advice and help others with your knowledge.

In the following sections, you’ll uncover different strategies you can use to leverage the authority of Quora to make some handsome income online.

Does Quora pay you for answering questions?

No, Quora doesn’t pay you for answering questions. But there are other indirect ways in which Quora can help you a lot in making money online. 


Suitable For:

  • 1. People who love to read and write
  • 2. People who like to answer questions

Skills Required

  • 1. Expertise in any area of interest or domain

Time Required To Get Started:

Almost instant, just register on Quora, create your profile and start answering questions.


  1. Start with the mindset of helping others
  2. Only answer questions regarding your domain of expertise
  3. Write neatly and make it easy to digest
  4. Avoid unnecessary long answers
  5. Provide references 

Start answering questions on Quora with the aim of genuinely helping others; it will help you to bring out true natural answers. 

Whenever you see a question try to interpret what the asker really needs then ensure that your answer provides it. 

This is the prerequisite for writing any good answer on Quora. If you have expertise in your domain, then you can easily provide the best answers based on your education, training, experience or insights.


When you’ll write an answer not only it will be read by the asker but also by thousands of other people who are finding the answer to the same question.

Hence write your answer in standard grammar, use proper punctuation, avoid spelling mistakes and ensure that it is readable by users with different levels of reading proficiency.

Keep your answers compact and precise, try to answer any question within 2-3 paragraphs, use professional writer’s rule of including 20-25 words per sentence and 2-4 sentences per paragraph.

Again these are just guidelines if the question requires long answer then, by all means, go for it.

Try to include images, videos, and links to external references in your answer when necessary. 

Images and videos help to prove your point clearly, and external references help to improve the credibility of your answer.

Answer Questions For Quora Traffic

How To Monetize: 

1. Drive traffic and do affiliate or email marketing.

If you have your blog or niche website, then Quora can help you get massive high quality targeted traffic to your blog. 

To do this find questions in your niche which you can answer, then write high-quality and valuable answers. 

High-quality answers will gain you more upvotes, views and get you more traffic to your blog.

At the end of your answers add a reference link to the relevant posts on your blog to get traffic, also add the URL of your blog in your profile bio.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

You can use affiliate marketing to monetize Quora traffic. Promote niche affiliate products on your blog when someone buys that product from your link you’ll earn money.

You can also build a targeted email list from Quora traffic and then promote affiliate offers via email marketing to generate a recurring income.

2. Sell eBooks/online courses.

The traffic you get from Quora is highly targeted, if you can write a niche specific eBook or create an online course which provides the solution to the problems people face into a niche, then you can earn handsome amount of money by selling it.

For example, if you are a skincare expert, you can write a helpful eBook explaining various methods to make skin look young and glowing and sell it on your blog.

Wealthy Affiliate

3. Sell your services.

If you offer any services like freelance content writing, web development, SEO, photo editing, etc. Then Quora can help you land in great clients and make some serious money.

I have personally seen many people who get regularly hired off Quora and are making big money. 

People from various backgrounds read your answers on Quora, if they found your answer really valuable and helpful, they will contact you and hire you for their projects.

The introduction of “Knowledge Prizes”

This Is The Q&A platform’s newest product, Knowledge Prizes, provides companies with a legit alternative to hiring a consulting firm.
If you Have a proficiency for writing great answers to questions, you could make some Money.

How it works.

Companies can now “sponsor” questions that they seek answers to and offer hundreds or even thousands of dollars in prize money to whomever they decide provides the best answer.

For example, a company looking to compete with Facebook might ask, “What are Facebook’s biggest flaws?”

Maybe a company that was recently a victim of Being hacked decides to sponsors the question, “What’s the best cybersecurity software for a 500-person company?”

Ideally, this incentivizes the experts and closet geniuses to come out of the woodwork and blow the minds of CEOs everywhere with their unique insights.

Just like with all questions on Quora, answers to these sponsored questions are completely public, so everyone benefits — not just the sponsor.

The Quora answer ranking system – upvotes and downvotes – still applies.

When the company sponsoring the question chooses the winning answer, whoever wrote it has the option of keeping the money or donating it to charity (right now the two options are Stand Up To Cancer and GiveDirectly). Now that is pretty awesome. People…helping people (companies)…helping people.

Only One BIG Concern!

Hopefully, this changes moving forward, but as of now, sponsors who put up the money and pick the winners are able to remain anonymous.

Why, Quora? This makes zero sense.

What’s stopping Marlboro from anonymously sponsoring the question, “Is smoking really that bad for your health?” and making the answer that says “No” the winner?

What’s stopping me from anonymously sponsoring, “What’s the best startup conference in the entire universe?!” and selecting “Hustle Con,” as the winner?

I could even create a separate Quora profile and write that answer myself, what would stop me?

Marc Bodnick, who leads Quora’s business team, is aware that anonymity has killed plenty of apps, but vows to “remain vigilant to ensure you can trust Quora to keep Knowledge Prizes clean, even if you don’t know who’s funding them.”

Or you know, You Could just let people know who’s funding them?

Aside from this whole anonymity nonsense, I think this is a genius idea.

The internet is full of answers and ideas, but so much knowledge remains offline, locked in our own heads.

Now, Quora’s giving people the incentive they might need to share that knowledge.

Plus, even if the money aspect were to be removed, this is still a product that caters directly to the type of person who frequents the site.

How so?

Well, Quora users – up to this point at least – have not been driven by a potential financial reward. Rather, they’ve been motivated by the desire to publicly share their insights and genuinely help a person – or people.

Now that companies will essentially be saying “this is important to us” anytime they decide to sponsor a question, those same users are going to be even more motivated.

Just imagine having the potential to genuinely help your favorite company. This won’t replace consulting Of course.

You’re Not Going TO Get Rich Off Of This,
But could it help create a “micro-consulting” industry for the future? Yes Absolutely.


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