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A Website is a way for your personal passion or business to be seen by the whole world! Here at Perfected Media. We make sure the customer comes First (#1).

We want to understand what the customer’s goal is with their website, and then we bring it to reality, with not only a beautiful website but a website that will attract visitors naturally!

I mean what good is a beautiful, fully functioning, responsive, website without visitors? It’s a sad dream lost in the millions of websites in search engines. When Perfected Media builds your Website, You can expect to see your website rank locally, and be on the first 3 pages of all major search engines!

MY STORY – A Dream Come True!

My Name is Nekko Strahin, I’m 28 years old, I have been lost for a long time when it comes to what I wanted to be or do with my life. After trying many jobs throughout my life, I decided none of them were for me. I wasn’t happy just being an average Joe, working at fast food, construction, or being some kind of stock boy.

I knew there had to be something out there that I could do that, would make me happy, and give me a sense of success, that my family and I could be Proud of. I found out that, I could learn, and get certified in many things such as coding, digital marketing, S.E.O, and S.M.M over the internet.

I know what you’re thinking, why should I be trusted to build your website because I took some classes online? Well, I thought about that my self and I made sure I took classes that would send me certified certificates stating I took the classes, got tested, and passed all test which an 80% or better!

I got these classes and certificates from classes such as Google’s Online Training classes. Google states these certificates are enough to get a job from software companies, website building companies, etc…

So instead of using these to get a job at someone else s business, I choose to start and build my own company that does all these things for myself. Lo and Behold Perfected Media Inc. was Born!

Online MarketingWHY do I want TO HELP PEOPLE? 

There is so much more to building a website than buying a domain name, finding a hosting company, and building the pages of your website! Some people think they can by-pass having a website by having a Facebook page or something similar.

It’s not that easy First off, you need to be able to have ownership of the content, and branding. If not you can’t copy write your content, and it can be copied, and even stolen from you!

Second, You want to be able to have multiple pages and be able to have control of what happens on these pages. This helps when you want to set up sales funnels, landing pages, email list, and much more!

When you own your own website, you also gain the advantage of being able to collect data from your visitors, that will help you perfect your website’s goal. You will be able to see what pages and content are bringing visitors to your website, you can see how those users behave on your site with data such as how long they were on your site, what pages they visit, where in the world your visitors are coming from, the age, interest, and much more.

Knowing about Keywords, and search engine optimization is very important also if you want your website to have visitors, and you want it to be able to grow and to reach people who may not even know that your business or website exist yet.

These are just a few very important parts of building a website, that is if you want it to have visitors and be successful!
Places such as shopify, go daddy, wix, and many others won’t give you all this information. They give you the choice of building it yourself, assuming you know these things, or they want you to pay their professionals to build you a custom site or a goal driven website which can cost you anywhere from $1000-$6000! That doesn’t include managing it, training you to take it over, or building it to be optimized for search engines.

Google Analytics

You also have to have a marketing plan for your site, So you see there is a lot more to building a website that will perform well and be successful than what many people will tell you about!

These are the reasons that, I want to help people. So people don’t have to be enslaved to website creators, or website companies. Perfected Media Video documents all of the work that we do on your site, then we explain why and how and send it to you for you to check and learn if you want as we go.

That way if you want to take over the building or managing of the site at some point you can do so confidently, without your websites success suffering.

MY DREAM GOAL FOR Perfected Media!

My Dream Goal For Perfected Media Inc. is to help individuals, and businesses alike, build successful websites, whether they be websites that will be turned into a business, or a business that just needs their website to perform better, and grow conversions with their intended goal! I hope Perfected Media will be the result of many new businesses.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Nekko Strahin(Left) Barb Montonya (Right)

(Nekko Strahin)

Founder, and Owner, of

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