5 Basic Ways To Build More Instagram Followers!

5 ways to build your instagram followers

Building a big social media following is crucial for your business in this era of the internet and mobile devices. Engaged followers can lead more people to your website, increase your sales, or help in growing your overall brand reach. When it comes to social media, there’s no denying one of the best social networks for businesses today is Instagram. Why Instagram, you ask? Well, among all of the social media channels, studies show that Instagram users show one of the highest engagement rates.

Now that we made that clear, you must be wondering: “If that’s so, how can I grow my Instagram following?” Fear not, I’ve got you covered. Here are 5 proven techniques you can use to grow your Instagram audience:

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  1. Optimize your profile
  2. Use the right hashtags
  4. Don’t slack on your post quality
  5. Utilize your competition

Optimize your profile

In order to get people to follow your profile, your profile must look appealing to them. Let’s go over how can we make that happen. First of all, make sure your profile is PUBLIC, not PRIVATE. You can change this in Options -> Public/Private switch. This gets more people to see your posts because they can appear on the Discover page. Next, ask yourself if your username is recognizable. If you can’t make your username to be the name of your business, at least use your business name in the first half of your username. This makes finding your page in searches way easier. Also, make sure that you add your full business name in Options -> Name. Make sure that your profile picture shows your brand logo. This will also help people recognize your page in searches. And finally, make sure that your bio is filled with creative and informative info about you and your business. Use the Right Hashtags

Your goal is to broaden your audience, right? Well, using proper hashtags is probably the quickest way to do so. Using popular hashtags makes your posts appear on the Discover page, as well as in people’s searches. Some of the most popular hashtags include #love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #beautiful, and #tbt, among many many others. Post A LOT and AT THE RIGHT TIME

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A very important aspect of posting on Instagram is knowing how much to post per day, as well as when to post your pictures. Studies show that, in order to promote your business, you should post a maximum of 3 pictures per day, more than that would be considered spam. The timing of your pictures is also very important. If you post at an hour when there are not many users around, you won’t reach as many people as you’d want. If you haven’t made your Instagram profile into a business profile, you should, as it will show you at what time are your followers most active. There are also many online tools which can help you follow your statistics. Don’t Slack On Your Post Quality

Quality posts attract more people, we all know that. So stop slacking and make sure to put more effort into making your posts as good as they can be. Learn a thing or two about photography, learn to apply the right filters, anything that can make your posts look better. Utilize your competition.*

Finally, let’s see how you can utilize your competition to bring more people to your page. First of all, never forget that people who follow your competition are in need of the same product/service that you provide. So why shouldn’t you try to get your competitor’s followers to follow you, too? Make sure that you are in good terms with your competitors. Collaborated posts can lead to an increase in both of your followers. Also, you can start following their followers, or simply liking their posts.

Social Media Marketing

How To Get Traffic From Social Media Platforms

Building a decent amount of steady traffic for your blog requires some planning and a bit of organization especially on social media platforms. The process comes at a cost and when you are on a budget it can be tricky to get the traffic you wish to achieve by paid advertisements. It’s evident that social media advertising can help boost your traffic but what are the best channels to use and why use them. The more frequently your presence is felt on social media the more traffic you are likely to get. Here are some of the steps you could use to increase your traffic on social media platforms.

Incorporate visuals in your presentation

In most aspects of life, the first impression is important. The cliched statement judge a book by its cover does not apply in this case. The first impression mostly helps your audience make their first decision. The brain uses up to a hundredth of a second to judge an object, the more appealing your presentation is on the first look the better. Statistics prove it, posts with visuals have 600% more engagement than those with texts only.


Make your presentations easy to share

Its human nature to try and impress other people. The more captivating and engaging your post is the more likely it is to be shared. People also like the path of least resistance so if you put Plugins and social media buttons on your posts it will be a motivational factor to your audience to share your content and hence increasing your traffic. Using the available plugins your audience can share your content without necessarily leaving the page.

Enrich your SEO skills

The fact that your content is readable and sharable is not all that matters. Your content should also be easy to locate and appear on search engines and social media platforms easily. Online visibility is important than the presentation itself. Eventually, your traffic increases Vis-à-vis you get your money’s worth.

All in all your writing and convincing skills also matter when it comes to claiming a large amount of traffic for your blogs. Apart from the visuals, the SEO friendly content and sharable content, you should also listen to your audience’s mood. Overdoing it can make your content a cliche. Unceasingly engage with your audience and keep in mind who your competitor is. Their strategy might better than yours making your content and skills outdated driving away the prospective tragic for your log.

Today, you learned 5 proven techniques you can use to grow your Instagram audience. I talked about optimizing your profile, using the proper hashtags when you should post, and why you should increase the quality of your posts, as well as how to utilize your competitors in order to gain more followers. We hope that you found this article useful! Thank you for reading!

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